Bible Tracts

Staying on Tract

Tract # 1

Tracts written by Pastor Dixon to the Glory of God!

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John 16:33 Jesus said: These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

(In This World)

In this world much goes on and it is a matter of Faith as to how we overcome a trial. Jesus told us that things would happen: but through it all, God will make a way. As Believers... according to God's Word: now  we can rejoice and lift up holy hands to glorify His Name!  God is greater than all of our troubles and Jesus told us to be of good cheer,  He has overcome the world! There is nothing too hard for our God: and He also knows our every need no matter how small or great. Therefore; stay in tune with Jesus while pressing on in the light of His Truth!


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A new year has come let's be glad:

There's no need to be angry or sad.

Where you have a need, God is able:

Jesus Christ will help keep you stable.

Wherever you go, stay upon the path:

Darkness and evil will surely not last!

Make the very best of any situation...

Give God glory without any hesitation!

A decade is gone but a new one is here...

Peace comes from Christ: not ungodly fear!

Thank you, my friend, for hearing my words

God is love, that's why life has occurred!

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(Because Of You)

What do you think of when you read these words, "Because of you?" Pause first before you read on. Now... either you think that -- because of you others are being helped, and this world has become a better place as a result. Or else, because of you (though some won't admit it): others are being used, and abused, while being taken advantage of. Both ways of looking at this phrase (because of you) has either a good, and also, a not-so-good connotation.

On an even greater note: could it be possible that you may have considered this; because of you, Jesus came to this earth to shed His Blood in hopes you would accept Him into your life and be saved from your sins?


If you are lost and mean business with God: then pray this prayer of Faith and let Jesus Christ save you now!...

(Plan Of Salvation) 
 "Dear Lord Jesus: I'm sorry for my sins.
 I repent and put my trust in the Blood that You shed for me on the Cross. I now accept you as my Saviour and have faith in your Holy Word. Thank you for saving me."