Cleveland Schoolhouse Fire Poem

Dave would visit the School site often and He told me how he took this photo and saw a glow in the picture that made him feel God's presence. 

(Cleveland Schoolhouse Fire)


The day after as flames did settle...

Smoke ascended like from a hot kettle.

Cries were heard across our Nation

Reality strikes just like a Revelation!

Upon the second-floor from what is said

Calmness became terror, as people fled!

Many escaped, some went back in:

They gave their life lending a hand!

It all started a happy Children's play...

Oil lamps overhead suddenly gave way!

Cleveland School Fire became a force:

Similar likeness of a "Train" off course!

From a higher-level some had to leap...

Stairway collapsed from under their feet!

Billowing smoke within the nighttime air

An attempt to flee in desperate fear!

What then happen is hard to describe:

Nearly eighty citizens shockingly died.

Sad but true, they departed in haste...

God brought them home to see His Face.

The date recorded -- May 17th, 1923

What did occur is now True History.

Things we learn, from what we hear...

Memories sometimes can bring a tear!

Written by: Donald Franklin Dixon