David C. Dixon, Sr.

Comments by Donnie Dixon, Dave's Grandson.

The following paragraphs are a few memories of my Granddaddy which lost family members in the Cleveland Schoolhouse Fire.

After having escaped the fire he assisted in helping others that were still trapped. Only God knows what all did go on with each individual. The rest is history.


Known as "Dave" around town - this man was much ahead of his time. If there were computers in that day to purchase, knowing Dave, he would have owned one of the first. He survived a tragedy at an early age and went on to accomplish much despite any and all trials.

He loved his family. He had eight-children, and they also loved him. They very much respected the God given gifts that Dave used for the Lord.

Dave got involved in the Real Estate Business. For a short time he also inspected new houses for the FHA. He sold Mobile Homes in his later years and was an active member of the Lions Club in Kershaw County. Dave, along with two other friends helped to start the First Baptist Church in Lugoff, S.C.

Dave cared for people and loved the Lord. As a grandson, I went into his office many times where he would have the Bible out reading it for encouragement and strength.

Often I would ride around with him and saw where Dave always had a good attitude toward life and others. {If you knew him, then you know what I'm talking about}. He was interesting to hear about even if you didn't know him. Dave took time out to learn, grow and make a difference. 

In his earlier years he ran what was called the "Dixon Bargain House" in Camden, South Carolina. I remember going there as a child knowing that it was from there I received my very first Leather Coat. Dave raised Beagles for a while and owned a Hot Dog Stand in Blaney before moving to Lugoff. He was an ordinary everyday person with an extraordinary way of thinking!

Dave did much and never went around looking for credit for what all he achieved. However, my life along with many others has been touched by this humble gentleman.

He ran a Mobile Home Park and owned a large track of land near downtown Lugoff where my wife, along with other family members resides.

Inez Ross Dixon was his Wife and she also was a wonderful Mother, Grandmother, Relative and Citizen of this little community.

One of the last conversations I had with Dave was his memory of the "Cleveland Schoolhouse Fire." Situations of what did go on at that fire are still being searched out; however, one thing is for sure, no one can deny how such an event has gripped many folks!

Those that died will never be forgotten for what this community experienced on that fateful night. Many of them were either kin to each other, neighbors, or best friends.

Next is a poem that I wrote in memory of my Granddaddy not long after he went home to be with Jesus. Since this first poem the Lord has lead me to write many more other poems to the glory of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

"David C. Dixon, Sr."

Born 7-26-1906

Died 2-29-1976

Photo Refurbished by: Troy Wilson 


One day on earth a man was born,

And like every man, his mind was unworn.

He worked toward a goal he hoped to reach

However; his love was always here to keep.

While on this earth he worked so hard,

But alive or dead, he will never be ignored.

While at work he did his part,

And his children were so dear to his heart.

Dave went through times we don't understand,

But there was never a time that he was unproven a man!

At one time he thought he lost all he had...

As he watched his family burn in a school so sad.

Year after year he would mourn that lost,

But to Dave there was hope, because

The Lord would see him off.

It wasn't until that fiftieth year,

As God was there to wipe his tear.

While Dave stood to the left of the grave,

God commended him for the accomplishment he had made.

But never by anyone must I say,

That Dave gave up till his dying day..

The proof of that is here to stay,

Because Dave stood on one leg his very last day.

However; one day after threescore and ten,

God reached out and took Dave in.

By: Donald F. Dixon