Tract 19


Page #2

Proverbs 10:7 The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

Word Meaning for "Just." 

Fair handed: 

unbiased: impartial

More meaning of "Just"

Caring: Brave: Honest:

Committed: and Godly!


Proverbs 10 Verse 7 Part B: "

:name of the wicked shall rot." 

Meaning of the word "Wicked."

Careless: hateful: Arrogant

Cruel: and Destructive! 


Page #3

(Reality over Speculation)

We have come to a point in life to where many are wandering about but not very sure concerning the present situation. As time moves on we must keep searching for more answers as to what we are to do before heading out to our next location! Various opinions are being given but not everyone is totally aware of what the other person is trying to convey! As one individual tells what the other person is saying; then others that are listening appears to be getting another report, afterwards; these circumstances seem to keep going back to where things were before as they continue to repeat themselves! It is very difficult to decipher what should be done from one day to the next when it comes to these ever-changing conditions! My feelings about this is that we must weigh out fact with fact while separating opinions from reality; then we can go with what's should be carried out from there. In other words... pandemic or no pandemic: remain calm, keep praying and always be wise.


Page # 4

(Brave and Strong)


Thank the Lord for those that fought...

Love this Country is what we're taught!

Soldiers gave it all that we may live:

Their own precious life they did give!

Let us never forget what was done...

Parents to sacrifice a daughter or son.

It's hard to grasp the price they did pay

Humble your hearts on this special day!

Freedom is experienced in every town:

Enemy forces are trying to put us down!

While so many ignore what's going on...

Others are fighting so brave and strong!

On Memorial Day we respect our fallen

Upon Jesus Christ we are daily calling!

Help us dear Lord, our God and King!

Keep us all safe as freedom bells ring!