Tract 24

Page #2

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. 


(The Best Way)

Faith Article

Often there are those that stick their noses in the air and think they are better than everyone else. They have found financial success and great fame and in their own eyes they put themselves above simple down-to-earth people. The problem is that if they were to look up and see what God has achieved; the greatness and majesty of His Creation: then, that should humble anybody! 

Just to imagine that The One that even made each one of us… you would think that He would move on and let us figure it all out for ourselves. The good news is, the One that made us: He is the same One that came here to save us… His name is Jesus!

Jesus takes time to provide for us, to bless us daily. God is always there to meet our every need. And beyond it all, Jesus is just a care and prayer away! Just to imagine; God came to this earth in the person of Jesus just to give His life so that we can be eternally saved! Thank you Lord!

My friends… if you are lost, then take time to call on Jesus and ask Him to forgive you of all your sins.

 Accept Him by Faith! 

Page #3

(Pure Thought)


The more we seek God the less that we want to live in sin and darkness: The less we seek God the closer we are to losing all hope or forgiveness!


Without God's Truth there is nothing but all out confusion along with total chaos! Trust Christ and be delivered! 


If you have never given your life to Jesus Christ: this places your soul in the path of uncertain danger and very fearful conditions which will completely destroy you, body, soul and spirit! Please hear God's plea of Salvation and come to Jesus right away! Hell is eternal.



Page #4

(Rock of Truth)



Rock so powerful as waters flow:

Beyond feelings our faith to show.

Let us celebrate within this light

Truth is real: we fight the fight!

Surrounded by love from above...

So very pure like a majestic dove.

All to Jesus: His Word to speak:

In the Bible we continue to seek!

Listen as the message do say...

Trust in Jesus: To God we pray!

Before His Throne: let us kneel

Joy unspeakable: Spirit to seal.