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Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the 

name of the Lord shall be saved.

(Making Right Decisions)

A non-believer once told a Christian that it mattered not to them what the Bible says concerning things that may or may not be happening in this life, or in the future! The Christian then asked the non-believer that if it matters not, then why are you reading that newspaper and watching the news everyday? The non-believer then replied that they wanted to keep up with the latest events. "Well"; said the Believer: "what is happening today is leading to what is going to happen to us all in the future." The non-believer then commented, "it still doesn't matter, because this is my life, and there's nothing that will change my mind about what is to be."  The last remark by the Believer was; "you'll change your mind one day; but if it's after judgment, it will only condemn you for eternity for rejecting the Love of Jesus Christ."


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Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

(God Knows Best)

       When you face a trial there are many factors which could be taking place. At times we face trials in order to remind us that this world is not our final destination; there is something beyond this life that surpasses the conditions down here on earth! Other situations also can occur, and, although it may not make sense at the time, there is still always a reason. This is where Trust comes in! Then... God also has a way of speaking to (others) through things we face as Christians. This is called being a witness. Sometimes it could be God is warning or teaching us something both at the same time. This is where faith and  prayer takes over! And... remember this as well; It's not because God is mad at us: He's just showing us that we are (only human), and being reminded of that is always for our own good. The point of this message is mainly here to keep us aware of one thing: God knows best, and, no.... He's not punishing you when things do happen; God will allow situations to take place to keep growing us through any and all circumstances! Otherwise, if a Believer deliberately goes against God's will... He does have a way of getting us back in line! Nevertheless — don't forget: we as Christians will be fought at times by the powers of darkness. Either way: God will be there to only allow things to go so far. And through it all — we as Believers will prevail! Glory to Jesus forever more. 


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(It's a Challenge)


Take my word, things do occur:

Just like a horse hit with a spur!

Sudden attacks upon your body...

Pain all over: not because of toddy!

There are those that do careless stuff

Drinking their liquor, or taking a puff!

They cause injury and sickness too:

There are those living sober and true!

If being confronted by injury or pain

No need to fret... neither go insane!

Knowing you try to always be safe...

Just keep beholding God's Holy Face.

God will help you overcome it all...

On Jesus Christ we must also call.

It's a challenge to start a new page

There's no need to live in a rage!