Tract Page 21


Page #2

(Solid Christian Advice)

Keep taking a stand and carry on in Faith!


Let God be magnified and the flesh immobilized!


While being down on yourself all the time, try being thankful for what God is doing!


Rather than confused about how little you've done: rejoice over what Jesus has done for us all.


Live each day to the fullest and let every situation bring you closer to Christ!


A Family grows together despite the conflict!


Go to Church to help

 grow the Church!


Don't just go to Church

 but be the Church!


Don't just feed on the Word but heed it in every thing that you say and do by applying it to your life daily!


Page #3

(A Time to Carry On)

If all a person can do is complain or argue over this and that... then, they are a complainer and not a contender of the Faith! The Bible wants us to be concerned: but, when we overreact to just our feelings it is from there a person creates their own battles! Let us keep standing firm on the Truth because when we practice what we believe, in love: the world cannot deny this type of a testimony! When you've done your best as a Christian Soldier: leave the results in God's care: and never forget this: the battle does not belong to you; the battle belongs to the Lord: therefore, we cannot lose for Christ has already won!


Page #4

(Forever Feast)


Singing and rejoicing every step that we take: 

Closer and closer while rested and awake! 

Jesus, Jesus, there is no other name: once you have met Him:  Your life is not the same! 

Forever Feast! we are eternally on...

"Love of God" is our most favorite song! 

How can a Believer ever look back: living in faith is to not complain or be slack!

Sure we will be fought: but, to carry on is what we are taught!

Because of this: truly we have hope: Day by day: prayerfully as we cope!

Forever Feast! is a grand celebration: soon we're going home, and that without hesitation!