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Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

(Jesus Saves Sinners)


The most Amazing thing in Life is that all-things that are happening has already been prophesied in the Bible, and Jesus has given us a way to overcome it all. The saddest thing is, many will not give heed and think they can get around it!


Romans 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto 

righteousness; and with the mouth confession

 is made unto salvation.

(Be Aware)

Those that are the most excited about Truth are the same ones that can't get enough of it. And to truly believe in it, is to spread this Good News of Jesus to anyone else that will humbly receive it! Trying to avoid the Truth is more deadly than water skiing at the edge of

 Niagara Falls!


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(The Only Way)

Truth Article

Many folks are caught in a downward spiral and don't know what to do. The harder they pull back to try and escape the further down they go as their mind and body becomes even weaker! While spinning round and around they look for things to grab onto and don't realize that those things are headed down with them. And in many cases the things that they are  grabbing at is what got them in that condition to start with. Next: they begin to blame other people for them being caught in such a desperate condition, and (in most cases) the ones that they are blaming are the same ones that's been trying to pull them out. It is a known fact that anyone can get caught in this horrendous situation but to stay in it would completely destroy anyone's existence without them ever seeing the light of day again. All a person has to do is nothing (just ride out the wave) that is headed ever downward and wake up in torment knowing you put yourself there for rejecting the Truth of Almighty God! Total surrender to Jesus Christ is the only way to escape... without delay!


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(Always Humble)



God of love and all of Creation: 

You can deliver from Revelation!

 Nails to pierce Your hands and feet:

 All we do... have Faith and seek! 

Let us be thankful day by day…

 Help us Lord to watch and pray!

 Lead us down a righteous path: 

Upon you Jesus our cares to cast!

The things of God let us do:

Grow in Grace and stay true!

Seek God's will and live in light…

Always humble: follow what's right!

We are called to be a part…

Trust in Jesus with all our heart!

To avoid evil... let us watch and pray

We must listen to what Jesus did say.